I originally asked Katie to do a space consultation. I loved her recommendations, so I hired her to put them into action. Hiring Katie was one of the best gifts I've ever given myself.

— Rena S.
"Dear Katie: Thank you so much! I cannot tell you how happy I am that you spent those hours with me. I've already made so many of the changes in my kitchen & living area. Even your smallest suggestion helped bring clarity and decision-making to ideas that were floating in my head. It already looks a hundred times better and less cluttered…I am feeling so much less overwhelmed by the things in our apartment and can't thank you enough for working with me so quickly."

— Sharon M.
As a single mom with two kids, it’s hard to maintain an organized home. Katie came armed with a plan to tackle all of my challenges and cater to our family's needs. Not only did we cleanse, purge and donate, we also created places for everything. No more junk drawers! Katie helped me make my personal space more usable and my kids’ rooms more organized. She was patient, supportive and discreet. I no longer feel weighed down by my cluttered apartment. We now have a happy home where I can find everything.
— Jessica P.

I love having more functional and useful storage space for my family! Katie helped me sort through all the clothes, toys, children's art projects, sports equipment and other unused items that filled our two large storage closets. I'm not good at throwing things away, but Katie helped me understand the freedom that comes with "releasing" possessions that are actually just dragging us down. With her expert guidance, we freed up a great deal of storage space and found proper places for each remaining item.

— Nancy C.
My husband and I were using our bedroom as a home office, with piles of bills and important papers on every surface and file boxes in the corners. Not very romantic! Enter Katie with her creative ideas and suggestions. We did a major purge of papers, carved out space for a home office in my laundry room and set up organizing and time management systems that are still working two years later. Oh, and my husband and I were thrilled to have our bedroom back!

— Melinda V.